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—— Mixed use residential and commercial development on a windfall development site …read more

Status : In Planning

Location : Rye, East Sussex

Project Description:

This project comprises of a mixed-use residential and commercial development located alongside the river Rother.

We were approached by not for profit organisation to design a terrace of affordable new dwellings and a cluster of small new offices on the northern egde of the rock channel are in the centre of Rye.

The Rye Neighbourhood Plan has identified the need for affordable housing in the area, as well as a desire to support developments that would offer new business ventures and training opportunities to the community. It became clear that this site would be an ideal opportunity to propose a scheme that would benefit both our client and the local council.

The site boasts expansive views out over the estuary of the River Rother. The housing element of the proposal makes the most of this view, and will be constructed using modern, efficient, pre-fabricated methods to keep the construction and runnings costs as low as possible. A low-carbon and sustainable means of construction is also a key focus for the commercial venture, where a series of stacked shipping containers (an abundant but otherwise wasted single-use item) will be utilised to create individual offices for local SMEs. The clustering arrangement has created a shared central courtyard that will be used as a meeting / break-out space for local businesses and passers by.

Existing Site Photographs